April 11, 2024


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30 Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Ideas

Our lives have been different since 2013, when Fixer Upper first aired. The modern farmhouse magic of Chip and Joanna Gaines has charmed us all, so much so that it can up the resale value of your house in a big way. Trends come and go, it’s true, but this one has some serious staying power (shiplap included). 

Whether you want to make your forever home more welcoming or are renovating with the intent to sell later, these 30 modern farmhouse kitchens are sure to inspire. From simple finishings, country motifs, and vintage-inspired details, there is a farmhouse kitchen update everyone will love.

Something Old, New, & Blue

Alison Gootee

Plenty of details make you feel like you’re in an authentic farmhouse between the shiplap walls, reclaimed wood, skirted sink, and stove. The patterned mint backsplash makes a statement in this kitchen that feels fresh and fun. The brushed copper pot on top of the stove adds a unique vintage appearance.

Keep It Simple

Designer Jessica Stambaugh, Photographer Stacey Van Berkel, Stylist Benjamin Reynaert

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a statement. This kitchen is simple but anything but boring. Utility-inspired concrete countertops, beehive-shaped glass lights, and milk glass accents add a subtle farmhouse emphasis.

Door’s Always Open

Laurey W. Glenn

Black windows are one of the symbols of a modern home. When paired with charming details such as mid-toned wood and a farmhouse sink, the house becomes a dichotomy of old and new in the best way. Fresh plants line the windowsill for a fresh accent.

A Country Tile

Designer Unique Kitchen & Baths, Photographer Stacy Goldberg

The complementary wood beams, stools, and range hood have a chic and subtle farmhouse influence. The rest of the kitchen, including the hardware and two-tone cabinetry and island, is perfectly contemporary. The standout is the graphic tile that ties the two aesthetics together.

A Statement Made

Alison Gootee; Styling: Matthew Gleason

At first glance, this kitchen is 100% farmhouse. At second glance, however, you notice the pops of navy, dark wood, and woven leather stools that would beg to differ. The styles complement each other for a unique modern farmhouse pairing.

Best Of Both Worlds

Designer Leah Ashley, Photographer Madeline Harper

Add wood finishes, shiplap, and pendant lights to transform your house with a slightly modern kitchen. By infusing these farmhouse details, you get a grand and intimate space. Contrasting wood tones add interest and dimension to the area.

New Build, Old Style

Photo: Lucas Allen, Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Is there anything more quintessentially farmhouse than a porcelain apron-front sink? The thinned paint coating the walls and dark-stained window continues the aesthetic, while the inset cabinets and marble countertops lean more modern. Open shelving allows you to display all your favorite dishes.

It’s All In The Details

Designer Design Lines Signature, Photographer Jane Beiles

So much of this kitchen is fresh, like the tiling, or traditional, like the cabinetry design. One key element brings it into modern farmhouse territory: the slightly distressed millwork on the island, cabinets, and range hood.

A Little Of This, A Little Of That


Every detail in this kitchen contrasts with the next, creating a dynamic space that somehow still ends up being beautifully cohesive. You can see this most prominently between the dark cabinets and white island, the patterned backsplash and reclaimed wood, and the copper light fixtures and counter stools.

Sit & Stay A While

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elizabeth Demos

The wood beams and beadboard on the ceiling, especially when paired with soapstone countertops, clearly convey a farmhouse influence. Industrial details like the light pendants, range hood, and black windows also work together. Mixing styles creates a more updated version of a classic farmhouse appearance.

Mountain Modern Farmhouse

Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

Industrial pendant light? Check. Porcelain cabinet knobs? Check. Light wood cabinets? Also, check. We introduced a statement-making copper sink and olive window trim to bring an edge to these elements.

In Black & White

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This classic white kitchen is accented by black countertops and stools, creating a stylish contrast. Rustic accents around the room, like the shiplap, pendant lights, and a skirted sink, lend themselves to the signature balance of modern farmhouse style.

Two Shades Of Gray

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Over the past ten years, gray has been considered a modern color—even more when two different tones are involved. The shiplap, copper kitchenware, and many other details keep it feeling cozy and welcoming, as all the best farmhouses are. Vintage platters adorn the walls for creative decor.

In The Dark

Designer Amy Studebaker, Photographer Alise O’Brien

Modern and moody in all the essential details, the wood accents lend themselves to the farmhouse aesthetic. The stools, open shelves, and wood beams brighten up the space and bring contrast. Use functional pieces, like wood cutting boards, to decorate the room.

Got The Blues

Designer Amy Studebaker, Photographer Alise O’Brien

The first thing you see when you look at this kitchen? The fresh black counters and black splash, then the rustic white shiplap. The cool navy cabinets play on both sides of the field, feeling modern and farmhouse. Gold pendant lighting adds a glamorous, bright touch to this dark room.

Mixed Metals

Laurey W. Glenn

So much stainless steel and copper would be at home in an industrial kitchen, but it’s equally welcome amongst the antique furniture and board-and-batten shiplap. This kitchen’s simple, functional layout is ideal for cooking large country breakfasts and delicious meals for your family. Open shelving keeps all your bakeware and cookware close at hand, so whipping up a dish is always readily obtainable.

All Good In The Hood

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn / Styling: Anne Turner Carroll

Everything about this kitchen exudes warmth and comfort—especially the mantel-like hood, black metal hardware, whitewashed cabinetry, and shiplap ceiling. Everything, except for the stainless steel stove and range, reminds you that this may be a 19th-century farmhouse but restored for the modern era.

Into The Light

Francesco Lagnese

The very definition of bright and airy, this kitchen combines a farmhouse sink, beadboard, and brass with sharp lines and metal stools that add a new kind of character. The natural lighting helps soften the clean white kitchen without appearing too sterile.

Balancing Act

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The juxtaposition of metal—the island, hardware, and hood—with vintage—dining furniture, plates, and chandelier—is undeniably a modern farmhouse. The large kitchen table, bench included, will sit the entire family for casual gatherings. Pairing the simple cabinetry with minimalistic decor allows this room to focus on functionality.

A Nod To Mod

Laurey W. Glenn

This kitchen leans more modern than a farmhouse, with graphic tile and smooth, simple cabinetry. Though mostly shiny and new, the gold hardware and copper accents still wink at the rustic. The large range hood and deep kitchen sink add to the farmhouse aesthetic.

Wood You Rather

Laurey W. Glenn, Robbie Caponetto / Styling: Matthew Gleason

The many wood tones throughout the kitchen add an undeniable warmth alongside glossy hardware and cabinetry. Different finishes continue the contrast and balance. Use a basket to hold fresh fruits and vegetables to display.

Come ‘Round

Matte black cabinets are cool and edgy but take on a new identity when paired with a mid-tone wood counter and antique stools purchased in Round Top–a center for antiques. The wall of windows lets in plenty of natural lighting, so the dark counters don’t get lost in the space.

A Range Of Styles

Hector Manuel Sanchez

All the wood in this space makes a farmhouse-inspired statement, especially the range hood. Meanwhile, the counter-to-ceiling subway tile, stools, and light fixtures bring industrial flair to the area. Throw rugs helps define the space while adding a cozy touch to the kitchen.

Island In The Sun

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This kitchen may not have a farmhouse table, but the island’s Windsor stools and vintage-looking light fixtures are equally inviting. They add a bit of rustic charm to the otherwise new open-concept space. The oversized island doubles as a seating area.

Wood Beans And Steel

Nick Johnson

Don’t let the large wood beams intimidate you. This kitchen is spacious and uses the dark kitchen island to pull focus into the room. The overhead steel pendant light adds an industrial charm to the area, paired with the hanging cookware, to draw your eyes toward the gorgeous woodwork.

Garden-Inspired Green

Laurey W. Glenn

Garden-inspired green cabinetry automatically makes this kitchen feel more modern. Instead of traditional white cabinets, this moss-hued kitchen pairs nicely with the galvanized steel bar seats, inviting a bit of the outdoors into the home. Shiplap lines the top of the walls, which adds a crisp brightness to the area that complements the white backsplash and the island’s wood countertop.

Classic Materials

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Black countertops and hardware add modern touches to this classic farmhouse kitchen. This layout is bright and airy, pairing white subway tile backsplash and shaker-style cabinetry with oversized windows. Open shelving over the kitchen sink embraces the farmhouse kitchen appearance.

Brick Details

Laurey W. Glenn / Styling: Anne Turner Carroll

The brick accent wall separating the white cabinetry creates a unique focal point in this modern kitchen. The oversized kitchen island and the range hood add unique wood details, offset by the brushed gold pendant lighting and finishes.

Sky Blue Kitchen

Chrissy Serrano

A more modern kitchen design, the sky blue island, and the gold pendant lighting brighten this already crisp space. Farmhouse details, like white subway tiles, shaker-style cabinetry, and open shelving, make the most out of combining these styles. Use fresh flowers or fruit to add more color to the space that you can update throughout the seasons.

Adding Vintage Details

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This space transforms the modern kitchen by introducing vintage elements, like the candelabra-style chandelier and Georgian-style chairs. The minimalistic design highlights the unique decor. Wide-planked wood floors and white cabinetry complete the look.