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Lebanon County real estate transfers (August 1 to August 15)

Lebanon County real estate transfers (August 1 to August 15)

Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

9 East High Street
John D. and Phyllis L. Norton III to Charles J. and Ellen L. Yasinski for $277,000.

1504 East Queen Street
Mark T. Keisch to Integrity First Home Buyers LLC for $76,000.

Bethel Township

589 Freeport Road
Glenn Zimmerman to Linford R. and Audrey R. Snyder for $1.

128 Deer Lane
Debra K. Leonard to James F. and Debra K. Leonard Jr. for $1.

429 Chestnut Hill Road
David L. and Donna R. Herb to Herb Family Irrevocable Trust, Jessica J. Herb, Lisa L. Pillsbury for $1.

120-122 North Center Street
Michele R. Miller Estate, Courtney K. Rosario to Rosario & Company LLC for $155,000.

City of Lebanon

1003 East Lehman Street Lot 1
Ivan C. Guadalupe, Jessie Guzman to Noemi A. R. and Junior D. R. Reyes for $165,000.

1135 Willow Street
Jonathan D. and Judy A. Fake to Guadalupe and Angel L. Castro for $109,000.

211 North 8th Street
Fernando Velez to Jessica R. and Dayamarys R. Aguilera, Ramon R. Colon, Jhonattan A. M. Reyes for $90,000.

918 Meily Street
Joshua S. Wolfe, Emily R. Gill to Joshua S. Wolfe for $1.

1104 North 7th Street Lot 91
Daniel M. Edgar to Fernando Velez for $12,000.

709 Chestnut Street
Roman Kirzhner to NW Properties LLC for $350,000.

213 North 12th Street
Carmen L. Vargas Estate, Jose Bracero to Genoveva Toribio for $44,408.

4 Creekside Drive
Katie L. Bedard to Cassandra S. Louis, Jean P. Exil, William Lamothe for $353,000.

1523 Washington Street
Bettie G. and Russell E. Aurentz to David Drummond for $107,000.

612 North 3rd Avenue
Linda M. Fruecht, Mary A. Gurley to Daniel Virtue for $1.

419 North 2nd Street
Teri E. Swoyer, Clarence W. Major to CTI 1379 LLC for $139,000.

521 North 10th Street
Donald L. Hollenbach Estate, Melanie Feliciano to Dionis M. G. Gutierrez, Cruz M. C. D. Gomez for $101,200.

1124 Buttonwood Street
Lydia House LLC to Jennifer L. Malone for $90,000.

411 Canal Street
Eliezer Morales to Rafael Morales for $120,000.

128 Lehman Street
Judith A. Peters Estate, Cynthia J. Voight to Felicia A. Esterly for $1.

431 East Pine Street Lot 82
David S. Aller to Whitaker Property Group LLC for $100,000.

27 South Fourth Street
Jose D. T. Hernandez, Maria Acosta to Joshua Morabito for $143,000.

454 North 6th Street
Randal A. and Kathleen Y. Felty to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $75,000.

431 North 11th Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to Saiph Group LLC for $133,000.

414 North 7th Street
Gary L. Still to 7th Street Spot LLC for $55,000.

21 East Locust Street
Paul W. Feeman to Terrence L. and Julie D. Feeman for $1.

710 North 3rd Avenue
Joanne Konevitch to Elizabeth Stetler for $141,000.

109 South Third Street
Richard L. and Barbara J. Mase Sr. to Angelica Dominguez for $170,000.

622 North Second Street
Adam R. and Megan E. Burkhart to Peaceful Homes LLC for $83,000.

520 Maple Street Lot 40
Mary A. and Thomas F. Blauch to Joseph C. Gibble for $30,000.

1130 Buttonwood Street
City of Lebanon Land Bank to Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. for $27,500.

9 Woodland Estates
Sharon A. Siegrist to Ronda E. Martin for $237,000.

545-547 Weidman Street
Hari Om Enterprises Inc. to Suhaily Maldonado for $80,000.

155 South Lincoln Avenue
Ronald L. Williams Estate, Mary L. Miller to Mary L. Miller for $1.

Cleona Borough

130 West Chestnut Street
Julie A. Maurer to Kaitlin Umholtz for $181,500.

103 West Walnut Street
Jason M. and Lorene J. Ringler to Matthew R. Miller for $240,000.

Cornwall Borough

8 Palmer Street
Bryce K. and Keturah M. Martin to Joseph A. F. and Kaitlin N. Nickdow for $370,000.

230 Burd Coleman Road Lot 28
Edward C. Reppert Estate, Marilyn A. Reppert, Sarah E. Blauch to Sarah E. Blauch for $1.

276 Tice Lane Lot 6
Faye Bingaman Estate, Thomas P. Kauffman to Glen R. and Linda K. Krall for $260,000.

1054 Villa Drive Unit 313
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Allen P. and Sheila A. Boyer for $365,000.

East Hanover Township

12 Pleasant View Road
Eloise M. Walmer Estate, Jodie A. Dieffenbach to Kreider Noah W. & Sons LLP for $744,500.

Heidelberg Township

2605 Heidelberg Avenue
Linda R. and Eugene Horst to SBC Properties LLC for $200,000.

144 Gravel Hill Road
Linda C. Holt to Proverbs Home Buyers LLC for $85,000.

144 Gravel Hill Road
Proverbs Home Buyers LLC to Stonewood Construction LLC for $125,000.

335 South Market Street
Reputable Streamline Properties LLC to Grube Properties LLC for $96,500.

113 Phillip Drive Lots 28 and 29
Jayson H. Frymyer to Alvin Kinsinger for $290,000.

Jackson Township

260 Royers Road Lot 11
Jesse D. and Elva W. Hoover to John D. Hoover, Crystal J. Martin for $300,000.

593 Stracks Dam Road
Judith M. Kreiser Estate, Heath L. Kreiser, Kristin C. Mixell to Delmar H. and Sheila L. High for $530,000.

493 Houtztown Road
Dwayne E., Sandra S., Brenton L., and Allison N. Nolt to Brenton L. and Allison N. Nolt for $1.

44 Arbor Drive Lot 227
Brenda W. Bomberger to Brenda W. Bomberger for $1.

31 Wheatland Drive Lot 21
Benjamin K. Pantzer to Valerie J. and William T. Kaiser for $350,000.

10 Colonial Avenue
Louis Scipioni Estate, Rose M. Lis to Rose M. Lis for $1.

Jonestown Borough

100 Creek View Drive Lot 234
Jason A. and Tara Webber to Gabriela N. T. Viera, Brycen M. Gonzalez for $350,000.

134 South Lancaster Street, 152 South King Street, 18 East Queen Street
Northern Lebanon School District, School Northern Lebanon School District to Lancaster Lebanon Joint Authority for $2,700,000.

36 North Water Street Lot 3
Bernestine H. Hayden Estate, Lisa A. Henne to Austin K. and Katherine S. Wolf for $292,000.

Millcreek Township

9 Overlook Lane
James A. and Annmarie McGullam II to Nick Falstick for $310,000.

29 Central Drive Lot 221
Marie Buys Houses LLC to Kevin L. and Jessica L. Goldsburg for $285,000.

21 West Main Street
Brianne T. Esterly to James P. Halkias for $105,000.

63 Edgemont Lane
Doris Gregory to Charles A. Rezek for $337,000.

109 Edgemont Lane Quit Claim Deed
Andrew A. and Jessica M. Robinson to Jessica M. Robinson for $51,000.

221 West Main Street Lots 12 and 13 and Part of Lot 11
Marcia A. Cristini to Teresa Neuin for $282,000.

Myerstown Borough

601 South Cherry Street
Jeffrey D. Stager, Courtney E. Marinkov to Ryan M. Weidman, Brittany J. Ehrhart for $246,000.

317 South Broad Street
John R. and Deborah A. Schaeffer to Kristin Kushmanick for $112,000.

5 East Washington Avenue
Robert Yeakley to Richard L. and Deborah M. Bixler Sr. for $306,000.

206 North College Street
Juan A. Alvarado to Zachary and Candace Schaich for $275,000.

North Annville Township

1350 Thompson Avenue
Selma M. Meyer Estate, Jeffrey C. and Jane L. Meyer to Charles V. and Marlene E. Bomgardner for $335,000.

North Cornwall Township

2114 Autumn Court
Clair N. and Michelle D. Zimmerman to Mikaila L. Schlegel for $240,000.

705 Evergreen Road
Springwood Development Partners to Trail Side Homeowners Association Inc., Trail Side for $1.

931 Meadowood Circle Lot 211 Deed of Confirmation
Rosann Schade to Rosann Schade for $1.

635 Byler Circle
Michael Ash to Annmarie L. Lightner for $276,500.

1994 Walnut Street
Susan A. Swigonski to Priscilla A. Muzzy for $1.

1616 Fieldcrest Road Lot 72 Etc.
Trudie Charles Bishop Estate, Emily Charles Hewitt Bishop Estate, Trudie Bishop Estate, Candis A. Hewitt to Candis A. and John C. Hewitt for $1.

1616 Fieldcrest Road Lot 72 Etc.
Candis A. and John C. Hewitt to John C. Hewitt for $1.

North Lebanon Township

628 North 11th Avenue
Arturo Q. Velazquez, Ana L. O. Soto to Ivan C. Guadalupe, Jessie Guzman for $380,000.

735 Mechanic Street
Kevin M. Hoelzle to Roger L. Maulfair for $510,000.

1832 Creston Drive
Paul T. and Karen L. Mathias to Holly Gerhart for $430,000.

3630 Kings Drive
Steven A. and Angela M. Motter to Cartus Financial Corporation for $365,000.

3630 Kings Drive
Cartus Financial Corporation to Elizabeth S. and Daniel W. Cannistraci for $365,000.

1940 Water Street
DDST Irrevocable Trust, Douglas S. Dohner to WBXB LLC for $36,218.

239 Daisy Drive Lot 14
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Wynne I. Kantor for $85,000.

155 Cedar Lane
Kristy L. and Ronald R. Ritter to Iffat Jahan, Ejaz Mohammad for $290,000.

2091 Rossi Road Lot 1
Francis E. Ulishney Estate, Jennifer M. Koch to Michael and Tanyatip Yiengst for $130,000.

124 Ginger Court Unit 198
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Robert J. and Janice H. Vris for $463,400.

915 Maple Lane
William and Joy Bastian to Joy Bastian for $1.

153 Mountville Drive
Timothy L. and Christina M. Brandt to Ramil R. R. Perez, Cindy Rodriguez for $200,000.

807 Kimmerlings Road Lot 3
Travis J. and Sherri A. Starner to Paul Myers, Jennifer Seidler for $391,000.

10 East Brookfield Drive Lot 67
Margaret M. Shirk to Jason D. and Sarah J. Graby for $330,000.

134 Dream Drive Lot 7
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC, Mount Pleasant Ventures LLC to Kathleen Goodfriend, Elizabeth G. Murphy for $85,000.

WS Groy Avenue Lots 49, 50, 51, and 52
Thomas and Barbara Stewart Jr. to Raegan C. and Alexander A. Checket for $1.

North Londonderry Township

1041 South Green Street
Phillip T. and Marilyn S. Baker to Courtney L. Miller for $225,000.

16 Blackberry Lane Lot 76
Rebecca and Shawn Gooden to Rebecca Gooden for $1.

88 Shady Lane Building 5 Unit 4
Marsha R. Elliott to Brittany Yarzinsky for $260,000.

289 Sweetwater Drive
John E. B. and Christie H. Fugate to Seth and Samantha Steinmetz for $660,000.

609 Sunset Boulevard Unit 6
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Sikeey Dahal for $507,693.

ES Hoffer Road
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC, Landmark Homes to Daniel and Ashley Reed for $665,900.

17 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 148
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to John E. Bauer, Sandra Leib for $508,600.

141 Wood Crest Drive Lot 6
Scott W. and Angela Wise to Richard F. and Rebecca L. Moore for $890,000.

127 Palmyra Bellegrove Road Lot 200R
Ryan J. and Kristina M. Sweitzer to Kristina M. Sweitzer for $1.

142 Pickwick Circle Lot 43
Glen R. Francois, Carol Jeffrey to BGRS LLC for $630,000.

142 Pickwick Circle Lot 43
BGRS LLC to Mindy Lin, Xinyu Tang for $630,000.

219 Grand Summit Drive Unit 27
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Joseph and Diana Merrick for $143,500.

857 Buttonwood Street Lot 1
Mary P. and Elmer C. Norris to Mary P. and Brian J. Norris for $1.

14 Windsor Way Lot 86
Rian B. Bell to Stephen F. Malaro for $385,000.

113 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 140
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Walter and Loretta A. Myslinski Jr. for $529,800.

501 August Avenue Unit 93
Landmark Homes at Summer Layne LLC to Bhaumik and Janki Patel for $154,400.

700 Hetrick Avenue Lot 34
Ashley M. Kane to Stephen K. and Alyssa W. Banke for $350,000.

810 Cambridge Court
Diana K. Wells to Penelope Buchter for $220,000.

Palmyra Borough

615 East Main Street
Ashraf S. and Tatiana T. Elseaidy to 615 East Main Street LLC for $360,000.

625 North Grant Street Lot 1
Diana Muzquiz to Jerry Arnold for $465,000.

401 West Cherry Street
Silvana C. Valdez to FHG92 LLC for $168,500.

609 North Grant Street
Sharon B. Williamson Estate, Felecia D. Williamson to Felecia D. and Kurtis K. Williamson for $1.

511 East Main Street
Walter F. and Oksana K. Scott to Michael J. Montalto for $200,000.

46 Braeburn Way
Matthew J. Fuhrman to Nensi and Rajatkumar Patel for $330,000.

234 North Locust Street
Eric L. Sager to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $102,000.

711 West Cherry Street
Ivan D. and Amelia G. Toledo to Bethany K. Espenshade for $250,000.

Richland Borough

14 East Main Street
Michael L. and Lynn M. Dissinger to Joshua J. Shirk for $1.

South Annville Township

783 Horseshoe Pike
Janice L. Sellers to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $1.

424 Fieldstone Drive
Geoffrey M. and Rebecca S. Roche to BGRS LLC for $405,000.

424 Fieldstone Drive
BGRS LLC to David E. and Cynthia Barnes for $405,000.

795 South Spruce Street
Dawn M. Breidigan to Gerald M. and Beth A. McAteer Jr., Gerald M. and Beth A. Mc Ateer Jr. for $437,500.

South Lebanon Township

17 Beckleys Corner Lot 9
Robert J. and Kathryn E. Buchovecky to Matthew A. and Jane L. Stone for $505,000.

1001 Horseshoe Circle Lot 69 Rockledge Meadows Phase II
George W. and Jo Ann Brewer to Nathan M. O Donnell, Nathan M. ODonnell, Hannah L. Bleyer for $286,020.

408 Edgewood Drive Lot 66
Michael C. and Kathy J. Arnold to Michael A. and Margaret F. Long for $267,000.

184 Valley View Place Lot 62
Carl A. and Amanda E. Matarazzi to Mona R. and Pabitra Timsina for $447,000.

120 Princeton Place Lot 122
Strathford Meadows LLC to Michael and Carol L. Roach for $674,263.

1105 State Drive
Jeanette A. Schwartz Estate, Annette M. Arnold, Paula A. Culbert to Specialty Taxes And Business Solutions LLC, Specialty Taxes & Business Solutions LLC for $250,000.

209 Adam Drive Part of Lots 18 and 19
Beverly F. Uffner Estate, Paul C. Bametzreider to Brian Eisenhour for $236,500.

108 Palm Lane Lot 39
Pedro M. Mejia, Ines V. Montano to Linda F. Ebersole for $226,000.

South Londonderry Township

505 Coachman Lane Lot 54
Dennis E. Albert to Dennis E. and Jill L. Albert for $1.

2080 South Forge Road
Susan M. Johnson to City Light Homes LLC for $157,500.

406 Gold Finch Drive Lot 48
Kristen K. Lambert, Jimmy Taylor to Daphne Oguntuwo for $330,000.

352 Old Farm Road Lot 119
Erin Carney, Andrew Engle to James Taylor, Kristen K. Lambert for $390,000.

319 Gold Finch Drive Lot 74
An X. and Mailoan T. Ly to Jonathan and Marilyn L. Cunningham for $460,000.

432 Farmhouse Lane Lot 104
Scott A. and Heather L. Richardson to Scott A. Richardson for $1.

22 Raven Lane and 26 Raven Lane
Francisco and Maria L. Ramirez to Hess Brothers Property Management for $88,000.

Swatara Township

31 Cranberry Court
Sean W. and Leela A. Cleary to Daniel E. Brensinger for $400,000.

31 Sweetbriar Lane
Dwayne and Lori Baker to Pintugauri K. Bhalodia for $350,000.

283 Mountville Drive Lot 2
Curtis M. and Erin M. Bomgardner to Curtis M. Bomgardner for $1.

283 Mountville Drive Lot 2
Curtis M. Bomgardner to Curtis M. Bomgardner, Samantha Allison for $1.

22 Cranberry Court Lot 69 Plan of Pine Ridge Village
Steven G. and Amy J. Zechman to Sean W. and Leela A. Cleary for $470,000.

885 North Lancaster Street
Sharon A. Vankirk Estate, Caleb J. Zimmerman to Timothy D. Werner for $175,000.

2222 Grace Avenue
Douglas A. and Tammy M. Conners to Steven Bernstein, Karri R. Newswanger for $445,000.

2386 Quarry Road
Sharon L. Weaver to Faith Tobias for $139,900.

1966 Quarry Road
Glenn M. Meyer to Glenn M. and Lanae M. Meyer for $1.

Union Township

21 Colonial Drive Lot 13
Joyce M. Myers to Joyce M. Myers, Melissa Triantafyllou for $1.

17 Mindy Lane
Patricia L. Kapp to Randy Kapp for $1.

17 Mindy Lane
Patricia L. Kapp to Patricia L. Kapp Irrevocable Grantor Trust for $1.

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