June 14, 2024


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Lebanon County real estate transfers (June 16 to June 30)

Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Bethel Township

420 School Drive Lot 6
Bryan B. Sutherly Estate, Edward B. and Robert L. Sutherly to Aaron D. and Angela B. Ulm for $322,000.

65 Halteman Lane
Daniel S. and Ethel K. Sensenig to Elvin L. and Lenna F. Martin, Joseph R. and Dawn R. Detweiler for $1.

ES Sugar Road
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Alletta M. Schadler for $1.

WS Sugar Road
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Alletta M. Schadler for $1.

NS West Main Street
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew M. Whitehill for $1.

311 West Main Street
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew M. Whitehill for $1.

307 West Main Street
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew M. Whitehill for $1.

2441 State Route 22
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew M. Whitehill for $1.

58 Horizon Drive Lot 88 Plan For Mountain Stream Village Pha
Richard L. and Tammy J. Hahn Jr. to Kayla Zenewicz, Morgan Reynolds for $315,000.

128 Deer Drive
James F. and Debra K. Leonard Jr. to Debra K. Leonard for $1.

134 North Pine Grove Street
Kathryn C. and Joyce M. Myers, Kathy F. Fegan to Gene Lomazoff for $173,000.

(UPI #19-0000000-000000-0000)
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew M. Whitehill for $1.

City of Lebanon

312 North 8th Street
GDT Properties Inc., Yale Electric Supply Company Inc., Yale Electric Supply Company to STBS Property Management for $500,000.

632 Canal Street
Sheri L. and Duane E. Koons Sr. to Peaceful Homes LLC for $80,000.

830 East Mifflin Street
Imalay R. Torres to Shawn and Danielle Connatser for $220,000.

1 Lehman Street
Walter J. and Stephanie Yakum to Marco A. A. Gonzalez, Lidia M. Maceo for $220,000.

1236 Willow Street
Betsy J. Weaver to Julie A. Boyle for $85,000.

28 East Cumberland Street
Kenneth L. Miller to Debra R. Miller for $1.

305 New Street
Justin M. Shaud Estate, Travis J. Shaud Estate, Richard D. Harner to StarrWar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $45,000.

1012 North 9th Street
Huffsparks LLC to Louise Henderson for $175,000.

129 North 9th Street
Kristopher and Joel Martin to Jaime O. Montalvo Jr. for $181,400.

135 South 11th Street
George D. Loverich Jr. to Solomon Street LLC for $127,000.

534 North 8th Street
Rachel and Timothy Turley to Aurelis Figueroa, Juan A. F. Castoire for $89,900.

625 Lehman Street
Juan Rosario Estate, Jessica N. Rosario to Alba G. E. Marte for $59,000.

711 South 8th Street
GSH Realty Inc. to Dixon Foundation Realty LLC for $1.

711 South 8th Street
Dixon Foundation Realty LLC to Lebanon Valley Volunteers In Medicine Clinic for $1.

310 South 6th Street
Noah A. and Crystal R. Swift to CRTH Properties LLC for $145,000.

321 North 11th Street
Juan R. Cotto Estate, Michelle Cotto to Gary Z. Horst for $70,000.

522 Canal Street
Travis and Jennifer Stoner to Edward and Abby J. Van Dusen, Edward and Abby J. VanDusen for $150,000.

515 Pershing Avenue and 620 Federal Street
Harold E. Dice to Howard F. Wood for $125,000.

208 Mifflin Street
William J. Sitzai III to Citadel Investment Properties LLC for $65,000.

411 and 413 North Partridge Street
Kevin M. Chadwick Estate, Alyssa M. Wolfe to Kaleni Holding LLC, More Group Holdings LLC for $50,000.

1029 Quentin Road Lot 2
Kathleen K. Groh to DM Management LLC for $300,000.

313 South 5th Street
Frank Tomecek Jr., Joseph Gibble to Juan B. Morales, Iris H. B. Pineda for $180,000.

619 South 7th Street
Joan M. and Pamela K. Doering to Philip J. and Amy C. Hillman for $141,900.

457 North 5th Street
Josue A. and Amanda S. Miranda to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $100,000.

17 Lehman Street
Amos J., Emanuel L., and Sarah S. Beiler to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $98,000.

Cleona Borough

117 North Center Street
Brian K. Eisenhour to Michael and Katarina Miller for $275,000.

17 South Mill Street
Ned E. and Jean C. Bomgardner to Dash Management Group LLC for $80,000.

136 East Chestnut Street
Ralph E. Redinger Revocable Living Trust, Joyce C. Redingner Revocable Living Trust, Joyce C. Redingner to Adam D. Moyer for $250,000.

Cornwall Borough

1218 Mosaic Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. to James R. and Linda R. Kenderdine for $442,319.

13 Willow Street
Landmark Homes At Junction LLC to John P. and Gidget Altemus for $519,800.

279 Rexmont Road
Christine R. Southall to David B. and Christine R. Southall for $1.

East Hanover Township

10328 Allentown Boulevard
Richard E. and Virginia A. Miller to Paradase Investments LLC for $305,000.

Heidelberg Township

337 Sunnyside Road Lot 7
Sharene L. and Gerald L. Zimmerman to Linda A. Miller for $450,000.

145 Sinclair Road
Lois G. Kline to Nelson L. and Amy M. Sauder for $800,000.

WS Gravel Hill Road
Kenneth A. and Bernice H. Hartman to Gary L. and Wendy R. Martin for $247,400.

312 South Lancaster Avenue
David Drummond to Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. for $107,000.

34 Rhine Road
Michael S. and Rachel E. Miller to Kenneth A. Willis, Harold S. Harnish for $482,000.

Jackson Township

257 Millardsville Road
Elson W. Sensenig to Abco LLC for $155,000.

23 Beverly Drive Lot 65
Juan and Nancy R. Reyes to Matilde Reyes for $123,600.

1110 Hilltop Road and SS Lorraine Avenue
Jeane H. Wolfe, Barbara Lafrance to Kelsey I. Shewmaker for $175,000.

11 East Rosebud Road
Alice L. Haldeman Estate, Michael A. Gassert, Sharon L. Hoffman to Austin Q. and Kristine Z. Brubaker for $230,000.

219 West Franklin Avenue
Kay A. O Neill Estate, Kay A. ONeill Estate, Rebecca A. H. Uram to Nancy L. Pavloski for $1.

184 Gable Drive
Adam M. and Amanda M. Brossman to Jr. Zimmerman Properties LLC, Zimmerman Jr. Properties LLC for $240,000.

219 West Franklin Avenue
Nancy L. Pavloski to Jerilyn G. and John F. Wyatt for $1.

23 Oaken Way
Charles E. and Barbara A. Cushing, Michelle R. Calvert to Michael Ash for $435,000.

Millcreek Township

410 Stricklerstown Road
Phyllis E. Gettle to James E. Millinder for $1.

22 Progress Drive Lot 68
Gladys W. Morris, Deborah E. M. Good, Patricia A. Lawver to Dawn L. Kushner, Leslie A. Mitstifer for $249,900.

WS South Sheridan Road
Lee D. and Donna L. Keener to Philip D. and Erin C. M. Yoder for $300,000.

752 State Route 419
Donald L. and Sharon L. Bollinger to Justin J. and Rebekah S. Bollinger for $1.

Mt. Gretna Borough

417 Yale Avenue Lot 1418 and Part of Lot 1417
Eric F. and Marion G. Metzler to Denise Bollard for $345,000.

310 Pennsylvania Avenue
Cristy L. Brenneman, Douglas M. Albert to WSB Properties LLC for $400,000.

Myerstown Borough

604 South Railroad Street
David A. and Brittany E. Frandsen to Stephen T. and Allyson Wenrich for $185,000.

201 West Carpenter Avenue
Shaena M. and Tyler Smith to Shamar Hainly for $170,000.

North Annville Township

7101 Valley Glen Road
Eugene C. Hostetter Estate, Sheila J. Schwenk to Sheila J. Schwenk, Edwin N. Hostetter Estate for $1.

1175 Thompson Avenue
Raymond M. and Ellen B. Weaver to Ray L. and Laura A. Weaver for $1.

North Cornwall Township

51 South 19th Street
Dane M. Kramer to Kirsten M. Leach for $155,000.

424 Millbridge Drive Lot 22
Anne M. Berry to Vincent and Heather L. Tanyer for $450,000.

220 Snitz Road
Esther M. Martin Estate, Debra J. Martin to Jason C., Walter N., Wayne E., and Clayton N. Nolt for $1,525,000.

105 Club Terrace
Frederic and Meline Contini to Daniel Newell, Melissa Lehman for $770,000.

516 Waterside Circle
Frederick J. Pokrywka Jr. to Joseph A. and Amanda Kwiatkowski for $345,000.

North Lebanon Township

129 Roberts Circle Lot 37
Daniel Martin, Blue Lake Builders LLC to Royer Properties LLC for $255,000.

2024 Water Street Lot 116
Millpond Properties LLC to Barry L. and Leigha M. Breidegan Jr. for $300,000.

1815 State Route 72 North
Henry J. Arnold Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Joseph P. Motter, Tammy J. Winters for $120,000.

3210 Joyce Street Lots 75, 76, and 77
302 Investment Group LLC to Gina R. and Johnny Snow for $385,000.

846 Water Edge Court Lot 50
John D. and Christine B. Ciabattoni to Peter and Joann Conti for $370,000.

917 Maple Lane
John D. White to Christopher A. Riehl, Laura A. Jacoby for $256,001.

236 Daisy Drive
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Michelle Whitfield, Keith Berkeiser for $90,000.

1303 East Old Cumberland Street
Daniel S. and Juliana M. Burkey to Keith A. Meyers for $50,000.

North Londonderry Township

509 August Avenue Unit 95
Landmark Homes At Summer Layne LLC to Nareshkumar and Jagruti N. Patel for $159,900.

55 Fairfax Lane Lot 106
Caitlyn Deimler, Austin McGrath, Austin Mc Grath to Edward and Barbara Peightal for $359,000.

51 Plaza Drive Lot 8
Bradley B. and Randi N. Burford to Peter and Morgan Emborsky for $335,000.

59 Millstone Drive Lot 263
Aaron Staniszewski, Jing Chen to Thai Nguyen, Nhien Tong for $376,000.

1114 West Main Street
John W. Kreider to Skybridge General Services LLC for $265,000.

525 Breezewood Lane Unit 62
Landmark Homes At Summer Layne LLC to Benjamin and Susan Auerbach for $703,600.

15 Augusta Drive
Hemil Maniar, Neha Sinha to Punyabrata Roy, Sandhya Sarkar for $545,000.

61 Oxford Road Lot 152
Brandon L. and Bianca C. Cole to Christopher A. Casagrande, Malarie A. Munden for $549,500.

Palmyra Borough

804 East Cypress Street
Paul J. Garber to Richard and Virginia Miller for $231,000.

82 Braeburn Way
Young S. and Christopher J. Perry to Nauman H. and Youmna N. Bajwa for $340,000.

205 East Broad Street
Taylor Landis to Amy Ward for $301,000.

60 Cortland Xing Lot 61
Christopher S. and Sheila M. Hoffer to Elizabeth F. and Karl E. Nelson for $350,000.

31 Sandalwood Drive Lot 29
Kyle A. and Kendra L. Derstein to Ricardo and Nellie Gonzalez for $300,000.

317 North Railroad Street
Colleen M. Ruhl to Jeffrey B. Martin, Carley R. Kramer for $163,000.

410 East Cherry Street
Frances S. Luckenbill to Laura S. Rodriguez for $210,000.

132 East Main Street
Silvana and Daniel T. Drill to Michael Mangano for $1.

846 East Broad Street Lot 2A
Linda L. Higgins to Micah Bucy for $310,000.

Richland Borough

202 Oak Street
Leslie A. Mitstifer, Dawn L. Kushner to Taylor N. Wagner for $300,000.

409 Oak Street Lot 31
Juanita Perez to Jose and Mariela Colon for $269,900.

214 North Race Street
Gary F. Heuer to Elson Eiler Jr., Kristine Glant for $200,000.

28 West Main Street
Maureen E. Brubaker, Timothy D. and Deborah D. Frederick to Peaceful Homes LLC for $330,000.

South Annville Township

702 Jeffsu Lane
Colt O. and Myra M. Galusha to Andrew and Kathleen Seidenburg for $589,000.

450 Reigerts Lane Quitclaim Deed
Colt O. and Myra M. Galusha to Andrew and Kathleen Seidenburg for $1.

750 Mine Road Lot 3
Denise M. Bollard to Tyler and Stephanie Kicera for $489,000.

(UPI #29-2311513-362950-0000)
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Matthew J. and Michelle R. Osterlund for $347,282.

NS Quittie Park Drive
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Zachary D. and Kristen Strauss for $321,501.

(UPI #29-2311682-363380-0000) Unit 76 Building 12
Garman Builders At Mayapple LLC to Vincent and Miriam Collins for $332,990.

South Lebanon Township

1312 Birch Road
Lori Wilson to Imalay R. Torres for $244,900.

79 Norfolk Lane Lot 45
Tarah E. Gross, Kathryn Brunelli to Marc L. Golin, Roxane Tsirigotis for $410,000.

1410 Esther Drive Corrective Deed
Jerry and Abigail Allgyer to Sabrina R. and Barron L. Tartaglia for $265,000.

545 Zinns Mill Road
Laicha Irrevocable Grantor Trust, Joseph P. and Kevin M. Laicha Jr., Judy L. Moyer to Delmar S., Holly A., Arlyn S., and Mary B. Brubaker, Lydell E. and Carol S. Horning, Arlyn B. and Delmar B. Sensenig for $2,350,000.

28 Mine Road Lot 9 of Plan For Celestino D. Alfieri
Matthew A. and Abigail L. Breneman to Kenneth C. Baum Jr. for $230,000.

522 East Cumberland Street
David Sharkey, Jamie Matuszkiewicz to Amanda Brown for $175,000.

905 Marvin Avenue
Lori A. Hainly to Keith E. and Stephanie A. Snyder for $250,000.

1011 South 3rd Avenue
Elaine C. Heffelfinger Estate, Anna K. Wise, Carrah J. Heffelfinger to Jennifer Stoner, Judy Knier for $240,000.

1300 Stevens Lane
U S Bank Trust National Association, Bungalow Series III Trust, SN Servicing Corporation to Michelle J. and Gerald K. Dueck for $175,000.

300 Klein Avenue Part of Lots 4 and 5
David M. Blouch Estate, David M. Blouch Sr. Estate, Danielle Gundrum to Theodore and Deborah Sabol for $330,000.

145 Hearthstone Lane Unit 6
Leroy R. Felty Estate, Betty S. Felty Estate, Peggy F. Wike to Nicholas and Susan Cavalieri for $199,900.

1641 South Lincoln Avenue Lot 23 and Lot 24A
Philip L. and Cindy L. Keller to Philip L. Keller for $1.

South Londonderry Township

294 Chesterfield Drive
Louis and Cathy Laguna to Timothy D. and Holly L. Brubaker for $680,000.

7 Behrens Drive Lot 140
Shirley L. Reale Estate, Yvonne R. Weimer to John J. Miller for $292,000.

171 Schoolhouse Road Lot 69
Stephanie E. Arnold to Scot A. and Shannon L. Cassel for $320,000.

23 Raven Lane
George H. Wilson IV to George H. and Lisa M. Wilson IV for $1.

Swatara Township

47 Darkes Road Lot 4
Janice E. Enders to Tamatha J. Finkey for $1.

1 Wunderlichs Lane
Marc R. O Neil, Marc R. ONeil to Alec Baum, Jennifer Reeves for $210,000.

366 State Route 22
Eve Manbeck Estate, Alletta M. Schadler to Andrew M. Whitehill for $1.

Union Township

39 Maple Lane
Matthew R. Hummer to Matthew R. Hummer for $1.

West Cornwall Township

411 2nd Street Lots 3, 5, 47, and 50
Jaeme B. and Clint C. Stankiewicz to Noel Garman for $290,000.

1089 Alden Way
Geoffrey J. and Pamela M. Yoder to Mervin D. and Bonnie R. Wampler for $419,200.

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