July 15, 2024


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Signs That You Need a Retaining Wall

Signs That You Need a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are found in yards, at businesses and on roadways. They give you usable land in areas where the terrain is difficult to navigate or use. They also help to slow rainwater runoff so that your landscape doesn’t flood or erode. They can even be used to provide additional seating in communal areas. These are signs that you may need to add a retaining wall to your landscaping.

You Experience Soil Erosion

Soil erosion occurs when water pushes through your landscape at a high rate and takes your valuable soil and plant life with it. This type of erosion often occurs on sloped landscapes or those near major bodies of water. If your home is on or near the bottom of such a slope, this erosion can cause damage to your foundation. It can push dirt and debris into it, or it can wash away its support system.

If you have noticed erosion on your property because of a slope in your land, you may consider retaining wall installation Manchester CT. This wall will prevent soil and other debris from running down the slopes in your landscape.

You Need More Usable Space

Some properties are one big hill. Although this can be wonderful for children who may love to roll down the hill, it makes the space largely unusable. For example, you may want paths and patios, a basketball court, safe parking or just lawn space. If a large hill prevents you from using your property, you may consider installing a retaining wall. This structure will provide you with flat, useful space.

Your Hill Is an Eyesore

You may have a large hill in your yard that is just an eyesore. Retaining walls can really improve these types of landscapes. You can build levels into your hill, and each level can be used for different projects, such as patios or terraces and gardens. These walls create definition and interest in an otherwise boring space.

Retaining walls have a number of uses and can really improve your property’s visual appeal and usefulness. Do some research and find out if a retaining wall is right for you.