July 22, 2024


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The erotic garden: say hello to the gardening trend

The erotic garden: say hello to the gardening trend

Honestly, we never expected to see the word ‘erotic’ on our list of must-try garden ideas. However, that’s the USP of Aphrodite’s Garden (aka the ultimate erotic garden) at this year’s Royal Hampton Court Flower Show. 

Overseen by Julia Hill, Sophie Knittel, Saskia Little, and Lois Moxon-Holt of the MHLK Collective, the exhibit – which has been described as a ‘pocket planting’ garden for the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and fertility – aims to move us away from some of the more twee garden trends out there.

Aphrodite's Garden at the 2023 Royal Hampton Court Flower Show

(Image credit: Andrew O’Donoghue/Future Publishing Ltd)

Instead, it uses blooms and materials with famed aphrodisiac properties in a bid to steer us toward something a little more daring (and a lot more romantic).

The erotic garden