October 2, 2023


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What is the Smallest Size Wine Fridge?

Casual wine drinkers appreciate the joys of a dedicated wine fridge but are often put off by the lack of available space in their homes. Thankfully, with more options available, wine fridges can now be found in all sizes. On the upper end of the range, there are enormous units that hold over 200 bottles. These are seen in great entertainment areas, usually in homes with private tasting rooms. But what are the options for those in more modest circumstances? The surprising answer is everything from a little four bottle cooler upwards. Slighter larger than these are the coolers that can hold between 24 and 40 bottles like those of Bodega43 Wine coolers, when it comes to your wine fridge, small and slimline present more alternatives.

Tiny Counter-top Wine Fridges

Free-standing wine fridges that can hold between 4 and 6 bottles are perfect to pop on your counter-top, bar or even take along when visiting fellow oenophiles. These handy freestanding units are infinitely portable, which adds to their charm. Offering a bit more panache, some slimline models can hold 7 or 8 bottles of your favourite. These are rapidly gaining popularity due to their ability to fit into most cabinets, making them a discreet and stylish option. After all, who wouldn’t love a nearby source of the good stuff for cooking and keeping the chef hydrated too?

Small Wine Fridges that are Popular

On the smaller side of the range, models with a capacity for 12 to 16 bottles are convenient for most needs. However, these are still of the free-standing type, and space may start becoming an issue. Units holding over 20 bottles are still considered small in the world of wine fridges. However, their size makes them unwieldy as free-standing units. Fortunately, most models in these sizes are designed to fit into existing cabinetry easily. Check if you have enough space to ensure airflow around your fridge and that it can fit flush into the cabinet. These space-saving models are perfect for entertaining and general use.

Benefits of Small Wine Fridges

Having perfectly chilled wine at all times undoubtedly leads the way. By selecting a smaller fridge, you can installit discreetly into your cabinets or place it in a spot on your bar and haveit become part of your décor. It will be simple enough to acquire more fridges as your collection grows and still not intrude on your living space.

Can I use a Mini Fridge instead of a Small Wine Fridge?

In short, no you can not use a mini fridge as a small wine fridge. Food fridges have an average temperature of 3℃, which is far too cold for wine, which prefers being at 12℃. Then there is the vital humidity level. Fridges designed for food dry your cork, while wine fridges have controlled humidity. Another essential feature is vibration control. Wine hates vibration, and food fridges vibrate constantly.

Name One Great Benefit of a Small Wine Fridge

Aside from the proper wine storage conditions and ability to meld into your interior design seamlessly, there is one lesser considered benefit to this tiny fruit of the vine loving fridge – the size! Yes, it needs to be mentioned twice. Its compact dimensions mean beautifully chilled wine can be available in countless places – your caravan, your office, and even going boating. Compact and clever storage is the stuff of any true wine lover’s dreams.

Do your homework carefully, check the reviews, and get yourself a little piece of chilled wine heaven. Santé!