June 20, 2024


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How To Become a Real Estate Agent

Have you been thinking about becoming a real estate agent? If so, you’re not alone. There are millions of agents out there and here is how you can join the ranks. 

Figure Out Why You Want the Job

A lot of people want to become a real estate agent because it offers a lot of variety. You’ll work with different people and sell many types of properties. You’ll be your own boss and help people through this tough choice in life. Plus, the pay is good. Most agents make around $50,000 per year from commissions. If you become a real estate broker, you could make closer to $60,000 per year. You have to look at all of these things and decide if this is the right job for you or if you are just daydreaming. 

Formulate Your Plan

Once you decide this is what you want to do, you need to create a plan to set aside the time and money required for this transition. A lot of people skip this step and never make it to their destination. 

Find Out Your State’s Requirements

Each agent must meet their state requirements. To find these, start by searching for your state’s regulatory office and visiting their website. Your state can restrict requirements such as age, education, prelicensing courses, licensing, exams, exam eligibility, the application process, activation fees, background checks, fingerprinting, CEUs, licensing levels, and criminal history. 

Take a Prelicensing Course

In every state, you must take a prelicensing course to become a real estate agent. However, the length of the course varies based on your state’s requirements. For example, California requires a moderate 135 hours. Some states require fewer, such as Florida, which only requires 63. Others demand more hours, such as Texas with 180. 

Take the Exam

The instructor from your course should explain how to register and take the exam. Today, these are computerized and contain a portion dedicated to national laws and one concerning your state’s laws. Industry experts, such as Stefan Soloviev, warn you to be familiar with the content because the exam is timed. 

Find a Firm To Work With

Once you have been licensed by your state commission, you are ready to find a job with a firm. Just know that you will likely not receive an hourly wage or salary. Instead, you will receive a commission from any transactions you broker. 

It can seem like a lengthy process to become a real estate agent. However, the result is a rewarding career that is very flexible. That said, you’ll likely be working for commissions with this career. Following these steps can help you hold your dream position.