May 31, 2023


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How To Settle Into Your Newly Constructed Home

You are the proud owner of a newly constructed home. Congratulations! But now you are faced with the rather daunting task of settling into your new house. Read on for some tips and tricks to help you make your home your own.

Inspect Carefully

First, don’t skimp on your final inspection of your newly constructed home. Go through it from top to bottom with a checklist, and be on the lookout for sloppy work, unfinished projects and cut corners. If you find anything like this, insist that the contractor make things right. You are, after all, paying a lot of money for your home, and you deserve quality, finished work even if getting that delays your move-in date a bit.

Clean Up

Even though workers will do some of the clean-up in your new home, you will likely have to finish the job. If this feels too overwhelming, you could consider hiring a company that specializes in post construction clean up Coral Springs. You’ll appreciate being able to move directly into a spotless home and unpack your things.


Unless you were able to select custom elements for your new home at the beginning of the process, you might have to customize a bit before or as you move in. These should be small changes for the most part, like cabinet knobs, a light fixture or even a patio door. You could, of course, wait and make the changes later, but you might not ever get to them, so customize while you can.

Unpack Strategically

When the time finally arrives for you to move in, be sure to unpack strategically. Have all your boxes labeled by room, and stack them in the proper rooms on the day of the move. Set up the basics, and then proceed room by room, unpacking and organizing as you go. You might just find this method easier than randomly moving from room to room.

Your final step, of course, is simply to enjoy your new home.