September 30, 2023


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Simple Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs At Home

Bed bugs are a nuisance at home, and they can cause sleepless nights, anxiety, and stress. Bed bugs spread quickly because they crawl fast and hide on clothes, furniture, luggage, and vehicles.

Inspect Luggage After Trips

It is common to find bedbugs in vehicles and hotel rooms. So, avoid placing bags on hotel beds and floors and hanging them on a stand. You can also wrap your luggage with trash bags to eliminate infestation. After you arrive home, you should clean every cloth or vacuum the suitcases.

Protect Your Bed

Bed bugs can cause sleepless nights and itchiness. It’s best to try every possible method to keep them away. Cover your mattress with bedbug-proof encasements or use bed bug inceptors to prevent them in the bed.

Reduce Clutter

Bed bugs hide in clutter at home. So, clear your space by throwing away or arranging boxes in one corner. The US Environmental Protection Agency suggests using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes.

Inspect Secondhand Furniture

Bed bugs can thrive well in second-hand furniture because they can stay for long without food. Always inspect beds and chairs before purchasing. Whether you find signs or not, use insecticide sprays on used furniture before getting them inside the house.

Know The Signs Of Bed Bugs

Knowing how a bed bug looks and the signs of an infestation is the best way to prevent it spreading. The common signs are dark spots and reddish stains on pillows and bedsheets, musty odor, bed bug shells or eggs, and the bed bugs themselves. Contact pest control professionals or use safe bug repellent.

Bed bugs spread very quickly and are also a nightmare to eliminate. The best way to avoid bed bugs at home is to prevent them before entering your home. Always inspect your suitcases after trips, avoid second-hand furniture, declutter your house, and know the signs of bed bugs.