July 15, 2024


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These Cheap Home Improvement Products Make Such A Big Impact, Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

These Cheap Home Improvement Products Make Such A Big Impact, Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

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Making any home look nice takes time, effort, and most of all, money. And while I’d love nothing more than to spend thousands upgrading my space, in reality, I can’t really spare more than $100. Luckily, there are tons of cheap home improvement products out there that make a big impact, and many of them can be found right on Amazon.

From solar-powered patio lights to wireless doorbells, I’ve made sure to feature a variety of items for you to check out below. And since nothing on this list costs more than $50, you shouldn’t have any problem giving your bathroom, living room, and outdoor balcony an affordable refresh — all with just a few clicks. So what are you waiting for? Those patio lights aren’t going to buy themselves, you know.


A Splash Guard That Helps Keep Your Faucet Drip-Free

Tired of having to wipe up messy drips around your kitchen sink? Try putting this splashguard around the faucet. It’ll catch any stray drips or splashes, helping keep your sink clean so that you aren’t stuck having to constantly wipe it down. And since it’s made from silicone, giving it a quick rinse under running water is all you need to do in order to clear it off.


This Plush Mattress Pad That Shouldn’t Leave You Sweating

Unlike some mattress pads that can make your bed feel hot, this one is made from a special blend of microfiber and bamboo, allowing your skin to breathe while you’re lying on top of it. Deep-fitted pockets at all four corners help keep it from riding up over your mattress — all while honeycomb stitching ensures that the plush fill stays evenly distributed throughout.


A Mat That Helps Keep The Cabinet Under Your Sink Dry

Don’t let plumbing drips ruin the cabinet under your sink: Instead, use this mat to help keep everything dry. It’s easy to wipe down if it ever gets dirty, and you can even trim it to fit smaller spaces as needed. Plus, the raised edges help prevent any collected liquids from spilling over onto your surfaces.


The Floating Shelves That Add Storage To Cramped Corners

Books, toiletries, spices — these floating shelves are so versatile that you can use them in nearly every room in your home. They’re great for adding storage to cramped corners, as they have a weight limit of up to 11 pounds per shelf. Each order also includes all the tools you’ll need to put them together — and most reviewers were able to get the job done in just a few minutes.


An Absorbent Bath Mat Made With Soft Memory Foam

Place this bath mat in front of your tub or shower, and no longer will you have to wipe up wet footprints when you’re done bathing. The best part? It’s made from soft polyester velvet, with a memory foam filling that helps cushion your joints when standing on it. Choose from eight sizes, as well as more than 20 colors.


This LED Light Strip That’s So Easy To Install

With its adhesive backing and battery-operated design, this LED light strip is way easier to install (and more affordable) than those recessed lights you’ve been eyeing. It’s perfect for use with kitchen cabinets or bookshelves — and you even have the choice of two light temperatures: daylight white or warm white.


A Wireless Doorbell That Comes With 50 Different Chimes

If your home didn’t come with a doorbell already installed, this wireless one will only take a few short minutes to set up. It has a range of up to 1,000 feet, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble hearing it throughout the first floor of your home — and it even comes pre-loaded with 50 different chimes.


The Backlight Kit That Adds A Glow Behind Your TV

Add this LED backlight to your entertainment center, and it can help reduce eye strain whenever you’re watching television in the dark. The adhesive backing lets you press it right into place like you would with a sticker, and the USB power cable gives you options when deciding how you want to plug it in. One reviewer even mentioned how it “adds enough light to the room to leave the overheads off.”


A Sink Attachment That Helps You Rinse Out Glasses

Not only does this sink attachment only take a few seconds to rinse out glasses, but its sleek design also allows it to blend seamlessly with your sink, regardless of its style. Choose from four different stylish finishes: black, brushed gold, chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze.


This Garden Hose Sprayer With 10 Different Spray Patterns

Whether you’re watering your garden or washing your car, this garden hose sprayer gives you 10 different spray patterns to choose from, making it suitable for nearly any outdoor task. The handle is coated with nonslip rubber to help you keep a firm grip — all while the durable ABS body helps ensure that it still works should you accidentally drop it.


A Sleek Stainless Steel Towel Hook That Doubles As Decor

This towel hook is made from sleek stainless steel, and its minimalist design is sure to blend with how you’ve styled your bathroom. Two hooks give you double the space for towels, robes, and more. Choose from four finishes: gold, matte black, silver, or classic black.


The Bathroom Faucet That Comes In 5 Stylish Finishes

It doesn’t matter what colors you have in your bathroom — with five different finishes to choose from (brushed nickel, brushed gold, chrome, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze), you shouldn’t have any trouble matching this faucet to your style. It’s also lead-free, and many reviewers found it easy enough to install that they didn’t need professional help.


A Paint Pen That Lets You Color Over Dirty Grout

When no amount of scrubbing will get your grout looking clean, consider coloring over it with this paint pen. The water-based ink is safe to use around pets and kids, yet provides long-lasting coverage that won’t easily wash away. There’s enough ink inside to cover up to 150 feet of grout — and the narrow tip makes it easy to stay inside the lines.


This Repair Kit That Helps You Patch Small Drywall Holes

Hoping to get your full security deposit back? Make sure to patch any drywall holes using this repair kit. It’s suitable for holes up to 4 inches wide and comes with all the tools you’ll need to get the job done. And unlike regular spackling compounds, this one won’t shrink, crack, or sag over time.


An LED Light Bulb Filled With Himalayan Pink Salt

Not only is this LED bulb energy-efficient, but it’s also filled with Himalayan pink salt so that it emits a warm, cozy glow. It’s compatible with dimmer switches, making it easy to adjust the brightness — and many reviewers wrote about how its soft light is perfect for use as a night light. Plus, it’s safe to leave on for long periods of time, as the salt won’t degrade or melt.


The Replacement Seal That Helps Keep Your Shower From Leaking

If you’ve noticed your shower leaking onto the bathroom floor, try swapping out that old door seal with this brand-new one. It’s made from two different types of PVC, allowing it to tightly grip onto the shower door to help keep water from escaping — and you can even trim it to fit smaller doors as needed. Plus, installation is as easy as pushing it into place.


An Organizer That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Batteries

Almost every home has that one drawer filled with loose batteries, so why not use this organizer to tidy it up? There’s space for up to 93 batteries, ranging from small AAAs to chunky Ds — and each order even includes a tester so that you can see which batteries aren’t worth keeping around.


These Furniture Risers That Can Hold Over 6,000 Pounds

Not only do these risers boost your furniture by 3 inches, but each riser is designed to handle more than 6,800 pounds. They’re made from tough ABS, with a foam pad on the top to help keep your furniture stable. “Very sturdy and very durable,” wrote one reviewer.


The Double-Sided Tape That Helps Keep Your Rugs In Place

Instead of letting your rugs slip around, you can use this double-sided tape to help secure them down to your floors. It’s sticky enough to use on nearly any surface, including carpet. And unlike some adhesives, this one won’t leave behind any sticky residues upon removal.


An Extension Arm That Lets You Upgrade Your Shower Head

If you want to upgrade your shower head to a rainfall-style one, you might want to take a look at this extension arm. It adds extra height so that the rainfall head doesn’t sit uncomfortably low, and even adds length so that it’s positioned towards the center of your tub. Installation is also easy, as the kit arrives with instructions.


This Bidet That’s Shockingly Easy To Install

There’s no need to call a plumber when installing this bidet, as many reviewers raved about how they were able to get it up and running in “less than 10 minutes.” The best part? There’s also a control panel on the side that lets you adjust the water pressure, as well as how the sprayer is angled.


An LED Umbrella Light That Lets You Dine Outside At Night

Add this LED light to your umbrella, and you’ll easily be able to see your food whenever you’re dining outside at night. Installation doesn’t require any tools, as the strong clamp on the inside keeps it from slipping down — and it can even be adjusted to fit smaller or larger poles as needed. Plus, three AA batteries (which are not included) are all it needs to provide up to 75 hours of light.


The Mat That Protects Your Desk From Heat Marks

Hot laptops can create heat marks on your desk, making this mat a smart buy if you often work from home. The nonslip surface helps keep your items from shifting out of place should you ever accidentally knock into them, and it’s also waterproof — just in case of spills. Choose from three colors: black and red, light and dark brown, or pink and blue.


A Light Bulb That Can Help Indoor Plants Flourish

This 100-watt bulb can help your plants flourish when you’re low on natural sunlight. It’s strong enough to use with vegetables, and it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Plus, one customer wrote, “We bought these for our indoor vegetables to supplement light at night. Very good product.” For the best results, the brand suggests placing the lamp 12 to 15 inches about your plants (depending on how much they’ve grown).


This Dimmer Switch That Comes With A Handy Remote

There’s no need to get up off the couch when you want to dim your lights — just use the remote that comes with this dimmer switch. It’s compatible with various light strips, lamps, and more. You also have the choice of 20 different dimmer settings, and many reviewers wrote about how it “works great.”


A Turkish-Style Area Rug That’s Stain-Resistant

Don’t worry about spilling drinks on this area rug, as its stain-resistant fibers make it easy to clean should they ever get dirty. It’s also resistant to shedding and features a medium pile that won’t block doors from opening or closing. Choose from three colors (blue, grey, or black), as well as eight sizes.


The Patio Tiles Made From Gorgeous Acacia Wood

Unlike some patio tiles, these ones are made from gorgeous acacia wood — not plastic. The weather-resistant design helps keep them looking good from season to season, and installation is as easy as snapping them together. Each order comes with enough to cover up to 10 square feet.


A Shoe Organizer That Doesn’t Take Up Floor Space

Instead of cluttering up your closet shelves with shoes, why not open up some space by transferring them into this organizer? It’s designed to hang over any standard-sized door, helping free up room in your closet without taking up any space on the floor — and there’s enough space for up to six pairs of shoes.


This Draft Stopper That Can Help Reduce Your Energy Bills

Allowing outside air to leak into your home is an easy way to run up your energy bills, making this draft stopper a smart buy regardless of where you live. It’s designed to move smoothly across nearly any type of floor, while the wear-resistant material helps keep it from fraying. You can also trim it to fit smaller doors as needed.


This Mop & Broom Holder That Helps You Organize A Messy Utility Closet

If your utility closet has devolved into a jumbled mess of brooms and mops, consider hanging up this organizer to help straighten everything out. And if your closet is already tidy? The adjustable ball grips in every slot can hold up to 7.5 pounds, which means you can also use them to store heavier sports or gardening equipment.


The Fridge Liners That Help Save Shelves From Spills

The cold air in your fridge often makes it hard to wipe up spills, which is why I have a set of liners like these ones on my shelves. They’re made of BPA-free EVA with a non-adhesive lining, making it easy to adjust them as needed. And if you aren’t a fan of the colors you see pictured? Not a problem, as there’s also a transparent option available.


An Outlet Shelf That Can Hold Up To 10 Pounds

Instead of leaving your phone on the ground while it’s charging, why not place it on this outlet shelf? It can hold up to 10 pounds, making it perfect for phones, smart speakers, or even soda cans — just be careful not to spill. Plus, installation is as easy as swapping out your existing outlet cover, then screwing this one into place.


This Organizer That Can Handle Heavy Pans

Need somewhere to store that bulky cast iron pan? This organizer is made from tough steel that won’t bend under the weight of heavy pans, allowing it to hold up to 50 pounds with ease. No assembly is required, which means it’s ready to go right out of the box — and many reviewers described it as a “space saver.”


A Mountable Dispenser For All Your Plastic Grocery Bags

With space for up to 30 plastic grocery bags, this dispenser is a smart alternative to clogging up one of your kitchen drawers. Each order comes with adhesive and screws, allowing you to mount it to a wall or the inside of a cabinet — and it’s designed with a brushed stainless steel exterior.


The 2-Tier Dish Rack With Room For Dishes, Mugs & More

Since this two-tier dish rack is made from stainless steel, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll develop rust — even if you don’t wipe it down after every use. The best part? It’s strong enough to hold up to 50 pounds, allowing you to stack heavy dishes on it without worry.


A Galaxy Projector That Helps You Set A Relaxing Mood

Sprawling galaxies, brilliant nebulas, sparkling stars — this projector casts all of them onto your ceiling to help you set a relaxing mood after a long, stressful day. There’s also a free downloadable app that lets you adjust its settings without having to get out of bed, while a 5-foot power cable makes it easy to use with distant outlets.


These Wooden Shelves That Add Storage To Cramped Entryways

Small enough to fit in your entryway yet large enough to hold multiple pairs of shoes, these shelves are an affordable option when trying to organize tight spaces. They’re made from solid wood, and most reviewers were able to get them assembled in just a few short minutes.


A Lightweight Monitor Cover That Helps Protect Screens From Damage

Not only is this cover perfect for helping protect your monitors and screens from damage, but it’s also made from two layers of quilted polyester that’s stain-resistant. It comes in eight sizes, as well as two colors: cream and bronze. Plus, there’s also an option that’s designed for window-mounted AC units.


This Silicone Drain Catcher That Shouldn’t Shift Out Of Place

With suction cups stuck to the base of this drain catcher, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll shift out of place — even if your faucet is flowing at full blast. It’s so versatile that you can use it in kitchens as well as bathrooms. Plus, you even have the choice of five colors: black, purple, grey, white, or blue.


The Easy-To-Install Deck Lights That Are Powered By The Sun

There’s no complicated wiring necessary when you’re installing these deck lights, as each one features a powerful solar panel on the top that keeps them shining bright all night long. The waterproof design helps keep them working when it rains, and each one even features a dusk-to-dawn sensor that prevents it from turning on when there’s still light outside.