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30 Kitchen Hood Ideas Designers Love

30 Kitchen Hood Ideas Designers Love

Ventilation above the stove is critical in any kitchen, but it also provides a big opportunity for design. A kitchen hood can make a major impression in the kitchen and, when done right, can transform a functional element into a focal point. 

“A hood is often the focal point of the kitchen and it’s a good place to start in kitchen design,” says interior designer Kristin Kong. “Opt for something unique as the hood is the jewel of the kitchen.”

We’ve gathered our favorite kitchen hood ideas that account for shape, color, and material. These stunning hoods light up the kitchens they’re in and tie together the space. While some seamlessly match other aspects of the kitchen, other hoods featured are made to stand out, as Kong suggests. Our best kitchen hood inspiration accounts for Southern-loved styles and professional interior designers’ best kitchen decorating tips.

  • Kristin Kong is the principal designer for K Kong Designs in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Mark Williams and Niki Papadopoulos are the principal designers for Mark Williams Design in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Lorraine Enwright is the founder of Intuitive Dwellings by Enwright Design Inc., an architectural design, interior architecture, and interior design firm in Atlanta, Georgia.


“I like to use Charlie’s grand- mother’s silver teapots as flower vases and vessels around the house,” says Williams.

Brie Williams

Augment a plaster hood with some royal treatment. Interesting molding like you fight find on a wall will instantly spruce up the whole kitchen.

Match The Cabinets

Jeff Herr Photography; Design by Intuitive Dwellings

This hood has the same appearance as the cabinets below but with a stylish, metallic addition.

“One of our favorite hoods that we designed has a curved veneer hood with steel banding that gives it a warm modern appearance,” says Enwright.


Hector Manuel Sanchez

Interior designer Lorraine Enwright says that wood is one of her favorite materials for kitchen hoods. Here, the wood takes on a geometric pattern.


Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Spice up your hood’s silhouette with a pleasing arch. It’s a subtle addition with wow-factor.


Emily Followhill Photographer; Design by Intuitive Dwellings

Here, the kitchen hood has a high ceiling of its own, concealing an Elica hood. There is an effective fan, though it looks like there’s nothing there but a tall, beautiful backsplash.

Camouflage Into The Cabinets

Laurey W. Glenn

Rather than standing out as a focal point, this kitchen hood blends right in. It’s painted the same color and features the same materials and molding as the adjacent cabinets for a seamless appearance.

Hide The Fans

Designer Jessica Stambaugh, Photographer Stacey Van Berkel, Stylist Benjamin Reynaert

This homeowner chose a kitchen hood that hides the exhaust fan beneath. The look is simple and sleek, and it avoids an industrial, mechanical appearance.


Alison Gootee

Reclaimed wood and charming decor lend this kitchen hood a lovely, rustic look. Paired with bright wallpaper, the look is timelessly attractive.

Take Shape

Designer Unique Kitchen & Baths, Photographer Stacy Goldberg

There are several shapes that kitchen hoods can take. Here, a curved hood looks gorgeous in this kitchen. Other shapes include baroque-, box-, and bell-shaped.

Mix Metals

Emily Followill; Design by Mark Williams Design

“If you want to make a statement with your hood, look beyond the myriad of stainless steel options that are offered at most kitchen appliance stores.  Look to the other finishes in your kitchen for inspiration,” recommends interior designers Mark Williams and Niki Papadopoulos. “Mixing metals, for example, brushed nickel and brass, is a fun way to bring some bling into your kitchen space, but always make sure you’re referencing the same combination in your cabinet hardware and decorative lighting. Everything must be balanced for bold moves to feel right.”

Panel Details

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

Wood panelling brings a simple, chic style to this modern farmhouse kitchen. The styling matches the walls without blending in.

Clean Lines

Designer Amy Studebaker, Photographer Alise O’Brien

This kitchen hood is effortlessly striking because of its clean lines and modern look despite its plain white and fairly simple composition. The hood pleasantly accentuates the slanted roof of the kitchen.

Awning Style

Laurey W. Glenn

Here, a glimmering kitchen hood surpasses the stove and covers the whole counter. The curved, extended appearance is similar to an over-hang.

Industrial Chic

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elizabeth Demos

While some styles hide the exhaust fan away with a wooden, metal, or plaster veneer, others embrace a straightforward look. A hood like this can provide a brilliant contrast to an otherwise timeless kitchen.

Built-In Storage

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn / Styling: Anne Turner Carroll

Max out a bulky hood by including a shelf. It’s an incredibly convenient place to store stove-top staples.

Open Shelving

Alexandra Rowley

Mask the hood entirely by incorporating open shelves across the front. This hard-working kitchen hoof multi-tasks as an essential fan with stylish storage.

Brick Oven


This backsplash and kitchen hood would complement a chic pizza parlor. The brick-oven look is aided by a rounded hood edge.

Match The Backsplash

When choosing what color to paint a kitchen hood, there are multiple kitchen elements to draw inspiration from. Here, the hood is decorated to match the scenic backsplash below.

Wall Pair

Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Matthew Gleason

Another space to take color cues from is the walls. Here, a plaster hood is painted to match the white, brick wall.

Contrast Color

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Matthew Gleason

Alternatively, paint the hood the complete opposite color from the walls. Here, a black hood, cabinets, and island are an agreeable contrast to the walls’ white paint.


Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Rather than a simple hood, craft an entire nook. The exhaust fan is built into a protruding crevice where the oven, stove, cabinetry, and backsplash are inlayed.

Decorate It

Instead of letting this kitchen hood sit pretty on its own, these homeowners opted to hang art there. In many cases, the hood is a perfect blank canvas for some extra embellishment.

Something Unexpected

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Frances Bailey

This kitchen hood matches nothing in sight, and yet it works. Go bold and choose something different that pleasantly clashes with other kitchen decor.

Match The Oven

Here, a black oven and a black kitchen hood overhead have the visual effect of a column in the kitchen. Other matching appliances could further tie in the hood.


Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Copper hoods are a classic, dynamic choice. They can either take on a bronze appearance, or teal as seen in this beautiful kitchen.

Floating Hood

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Most kitchen hoods are attached to, or adjacent to, a wall. However, this one hangs centrally to suit an island stove.

Mantel Treatment

Photo: Tria Giovan, Styling: Olga Naiman

In some cases, a kitchen hood may appear close to a mantel-place. Similar to a fireplace mantel, a grand kitchen hood can be stunning when decorated with a bit of drama.



This shiny hood gleams bright in the kitchen. Choose a metal hood that matches other kitchen hardware, or opt to mix metals prettily.


Keyanna Bowen

Unwilling to stay hidden or camouflaged, kitchen hoods like this one prioritizes function. Often, bare hoods tend to be sleek and simple, so they don’t always need to be tucked away.

Match The Lights

Mali Azima; Design by K Kong Designs

A hood that complements other elements up high in the kitchen is sure to be a winner. Here, a hood that mirrors the light fixtures creates a handsome coordination.