July 16, 2024


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Must-Have Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen

Must-Have Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen

In the South, it is well known that the kitchen is the hub of the house—it’s the heart and soul of a home. The room is more than just a space to prepare and store food. Much of our time spent at home is in the kitchen, whether it’s entertaining, doing homework, having conversations over a pot of coffee, or cooking alongside family and friends. Many of these dream kitchen ideas transcend styles and can be incorporated into spaces of all types: bold and colorful, modern and polished, or traditional and sweet and simple. Whether you’re dreaming of a kitchen overhaul or starting from scratch, here are the stylish and functional design ideas we’re putting on our dream kitchen wish lists.

Plenty Of Natural Light


Keep a beautiful space clean and elegant with the right design. The dark finishes of the floors, perimeter cabinetry, and fixtures balance the natural light from the bay windows and the island’s light colors. The brass and wood details complete the look and lend a sense of age to the room. Woven leather stools provide casual seating at the island.

Double The Cooking Space

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn / Styling: Anne Turner Carroll

If you like to entertain, double ovens are the easiest way to simultaneously cook several dinner party dishes to perfection. With two ovens at different temperatures, there is no juggling cook times, and space is always plentiful, which is especially handy around the holidays.

Walk-in Pantry

Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

If we’re dreaming, closets aren’t the only thing that should be walk-in. This walk-through-style pantry is directly behind the kitchen for easy access. Keep larger items and dried goods in your favorite baskets and jars on the open shelving while pull-out drawers and cabinetry in the lower section help smaller items, such as spices and condiments, from getting lost.

Open Floor Plan

Brie Williams; Styling: Page Mullins

Interact with family and guests while putting the finishing touches on your meal. With an open floor plan, there’s room for everyone to sit comfortably in the kitchen and the surrounding living spaces. The kitchen also opens onto the living room so that the party can comfortably continue as long as the conversation does.

Double Basin Farmhouse Sink

Hector Manuel Sanchez

The nostalgic look of a farmhouse sink hearkens back to a simpler time when vegetables were picked fresh from the garden and rinsed off in the kitchen. Originally, this hardworking, utilitarian sink was intended for tasks that required a deep basin. The double bowl is useful for simultaneously soaking and washing dishes.

Two-Drawer Dishwasher (or Two Dishwashers!)

Photo Courtesy of Fisher & Paykel

No more dishes in the kitchen sink! Load one while the other washes, or just run a quick load of glasses. Two-drawer dishwashers are a favorite in kitchen cleanup and they’re easy to load. Not interested in two-drawer model? Add a secondary dishwasher in addition to your existing one for double the dishwashing power.

Hidden Appliances

Laurey W. Glenn

From appliance storage to paneled fridges and dishwashers, custom cabinetry gives your kitchen a cohesive look. The “appliance garage” keeps the clutter hidden while keeping your everyday appliances within easy reach, and paneled appliances keep the harsh stainless steel at bay.

Movable Cooking Surface

Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

An island on wheels is ideal for cooking and entertaining. The mobility makes it a great surface for serving appetizers or as an added workspace wherever you need it. Bonus if it has a second tier for storage.

Thoughtful Hardware

David Tsay; Styling: Page Mullins

Splurge on beautiful and user-friendly cabinetry hardware. The options are endless when it comes to style and finish. Choose a style and use a combination of pulls and knobs throughout the space for added interest. Here, the brushed brass compliments the white cabinetry.

Convenient Place For Cookbooks

Alexandra Rowley; Design: Kevin Walsh; Styling: Olga Naiman

Display your well-loved cookbooks by keeping them within arm’s reach. This shelf is the perfect place to display the colorful ones that you use every day.

A Wet Bar


Tuck it into the kitchen or position it in a hallway leading to the living or dining room, but there’s no denying that a wet bar is an essential ingredient for a dream kitchen. Complete the bar with a built-in under-counter wine fridge and ice maker. You have all your hosting needs taken care of, right at your fingertips!

Just Right Lighting

Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Illuminate every area of your kitchen with smart overhead, pendant, and under-cabinet lights. Banks of windows ensure that tons of mood-lifting natural light will fill the space.

Pots On Display

Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Keep your go-to and best-looking pots and pans hanging near the stove for easy, everyday use, while also adding character to the range.

Dark Wood Flooring

Annie Schlechter; Styling: Raina Kattelson

Solid dark wood floors look beautiful against creamy white cabinetry and bring natural warmth to the kitchen. An added bonus is that wood floors are much easier on your feet and back than tile, plus they hide the spills and stains.

Pull-Out Drawers

Photo Annie Schlechter

Pull-out shelves are convenient for storing and retrieving items in deep cabinetry and provide a designated spot for everything in the kitchen making it easier to keep things organized. This 8-inch-wide pull-out pantry next to the range is the ideal one-stop spice cabinet. Without shelves, it can house larger items like cutting boards and baking trays.

China Treasure Chest

Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

In lieu of antique china cabinets, built-ins make beautiful solutions for any space and ensure that there is a place for everything. The back of this dreamy china cabinet is painted in a dark blue to provide contrast and is complete with burnished brass turn latches.

Live-In Barista

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

What’s better than a fresh cup of espresso every morning? Not having to leave your kitchen to find the best one in town. This machine doesn’t quite operate itself, but if you’re lucky, maybe your partner will wake up early and start it for you.

Unexpected Artwork


The kitchen does not have to be exclusively a utilitarian space. Paintings and collections hung in unexpected places are cheerful touches that add character and interest to the room.

A Pot Filler

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Pot filler faucets with swing-out arms can make all the difference, especially for those who love to cook. Mount it near the stovetop or on the backsplash for ease when it comes to filling large pots.

Fresh Florals Or Foliage

Laurey W. Glenn

Fresh displays of seasonal flowers add color and energy to a room. Lean into the season with longer-lasting branches and greenery. Who doesn’t love an arrangement to brighten up a room?

Ample Seating

Laurey W. Glenn

This lengthy farm table seats eight to easily provide spacious seating in the center of the kitchen. From casual weeknight dinners to entertaining friends, an in-kitchen dining space ensures that everyone can be in on the action.

Multi-Functional Island

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Barbara Schmidt

Take advantage of all the storage space your kitchen island offers with pull-out trash cans and under-counter appliances on the inside, open shelving for easy access to gadgets and cookbooks on the ends, and hidden cabinetry on the seating side.

Pet Friendly Features

Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Kathryn Lott

Don’t forget about your furry friends when it comes to designing your dream kitchen! Add a low-mounted pot filler in a pet-friendly space for convenience. Consider additional built-in and pull-out features to house pet food, dishes, beds, toys, and more.