May 20, 2024


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The 22 best kitchen ideas to add heart, soul and style

Kitchen ideas are an obsession of the modern age. But while you might think the past few years have turned our collective focus toward kitchens more than ever before, the truth is we’ve all been obsessed with kitchens for decades (we know this: we see what you click). 

Kitchens are no longer sealed off and tucked away. They are focal points of the home and open to living space or, at the very least, increasingly open to guests. Modern kitchens work overtime as spaces for entertaining, working, and dining—not to forget cooking, too. As a result, today’s kitchens require just as much form as function, and cookie-cutter kitchens simply don’t cut it.

“The kitchen is no longer a place to retreat to, or a space to hide—instead, it has become a central gathering area that is both functional and social,” says Sarah Zames, an interior architect at General Assembly. “To us, the detailing in a kitchen is just as important as heirloom furniture that you may keep in other spaces of the home—it should be built to last, but have enough interest in it to be admired.”