October 2, 2023


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10+ Best Space-saving Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

Small laundry room may pose a serious challenge when you do the chores. The monotonous space and the limited amount of room’s square footage can make you think twice to carry out the household routine. But don’t grumble as here we are to convey how to make the most of tiny space with these space-saving design hacks.

Install Sliding Door

Source: houseonlongwoodlane.com

If you want to utilise the most effective door type to complement the tiny laundry room, the sliding door should be on the top list. While it can function to enhance the visual look, the sliding door is also a great option to optimise the small space. Look at the laundry room in the long hall, the barn door is matched perfectly to the farmhouse design house with some timber elements. Needless to say, you can hide the space from your guest by simply moving the door smoothly without disturbing sound.

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Leverage Wall-Mounted Rack

Source: homyracks.com

Expand when you want to manage the laundry routine, and feel free to tuck away if the delicate clothes are dry already. Obviously, this wall-mounted drying rack is the best way to save major space in a tiny laundry room thanks to the smart design and principle. Whether you hang towel, shirt, or jeans in this rack, the feature can maximise the unused wall space.

Laundry-Mudroom Combo

Source: homepiez.com

No more space to place every laundry essential? Opt for a mudroom where you could directly toss your dirty clothes. Laundry-mudroom combo can save your time and offer you multifunctional purposes to embrace you coming home. Just a suggestion, the sleek minimalist design is perfect for its simplicity and cleanliness.

Source: omghomedecor.com

Functional Nook

Source: pinterest.com.au

Repurpose your nook to keep your laundry appliances organised. Make sure that you don’t waste any inch of space in your tiny laundry room. Place your washer and dryer neatly in a vertical array. If there’s still some empty space, install a narrow shelf to serve as smart storage for detergent and softener bottles.

Source: pinterest.com.au

Conceal the Iron Board

Source: airtasker.com

Iron boards can use a lot of floor space in your laundry room. But it’s wrong to ignore this vital element in doing chores. Be creative, fold-out the ironing board into a wall cabinet, which you would be able to access whenever you wish at your fingertips. While you don’t use it, just hide it away and shut the cabinet to expand your narrow chamber.

Optimise All Possible Space

Source: frogtowngardens.org

When you have a small laundry room, every inch does matter. Hence, try to maximise all spaces to put all essentials neatly catalogued. For storage ideas, make DIY repurpose crates as genius hack storage on top of the cabinet. A makeshift drying rack also serves a perfect spot to hang attire or casuals after being washed. In the end, the minimalist design will let you get the spark joy feeling.

Knock at the Door

Source: hgtv.com

Looking for another option to hang a drying rack or laundry bag? Don’t buy too many shelves as the back of the doors in your laundry room isn’t a bad thing. You can utilise this overlooked spot to put your delicate items. Right after you knock the door, the ample storage is showcased thanks to the basic hook mounted.

Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

White is the New Black

Source: onekinddesign.com

There’s no other colour that can expand the room and creates a space illusion better than monochromatic tone. With that being said, white and neatly organised appliances will give you comfort during your laundry cycle. From washer, dryer, cabinet, to wall, all-white theme is totally dazzling, so don’t fret any longer when it comes to doing a mundane routine.

Source: fancydecors.co

Floating Shelves

Source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

Who says you can only hang the drying rack in the laundry room? Well, hold your thought since floating shelves could also make an impressive look inside your tiny space. The mounted simple hook blends perfectly with the blue walls and jute basket. Eventually, all your dirty clothes and detergent drips are uncluttered.

Ceiling Hanging

Source: thegritandpolish.com

If you’ve utilised all the space on your wall for shelves, cabinets, or hanging racks, you’re already on the right track. But what if you still lack storage for drying a few delicate clothes? No worries, check your ceiling as you can also use it for hanging. Hang the ladder-like drying rack from the ceiling and use a cotton cord to make this overhead clothing airer even more aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial Chic

Source: /thediymommy.com

Choosing industrial style for laundry room, even in the tiniest space, might be a great idea. Even luckier, if the room is featured with exposed aluminium pipes. The narrow room just makes sense for sleek laundry appliances to juxtapose with colourful rugs. Not to mention, the metal shelf and basic laundry bag give more accent to the tall wall.